Do you like Oxen?

We discuss hurricane Sandy, the New York Marathon, the fate of some oxen, and Lilyhammer.

First up the Schell’s Stag series #5 Czech Dark Lager provided by Patricia Porter. Was a nice chocolate beer. Not overly creamy or foamy.

Here are a couple of links to various things we talked about during the show:

Muslim cleric that blames hurricane because of movie. I remembered the assholes name later, but refuse to put it in print. I think we all know who I was talking about.

No the Red Cross isn’t an American organization in origin. But the American Red Cross is the US division. We’re conceded Americans and thought we made it.

Bill and Lou, and Emerald

Lilyhammer Not sure if that will work unless your a Netflix subscriber.

And yes I tend to make up words as I go. My mouth gets ahead of my brain once in a while.

And there it is:

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