Steven Seagal and Pruno

We are back, and going through the unposted episodes and getting them online.

Grannie Annie has once again sponsored an episode, and she decided we would drink: Budweiser Black Crown

Pilsner and Lager


Armed guard stops school shooting.

Steven Seagal Training Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer posse

Steven Seagal Lawman

Out For Justice DVD or Blu-ray

Hard to Kill DVD or Blu-ray

Above the Law DVD or Blu-ray

Marked for Death DVD or Blu-ray

Christopher Dorner

Dorner was fired in 2008 for making false statements.

Dorner’s first victims were the daughter of the lawyer that represented him during his dismissal from the LAPD, and her fiance.

7 LAPD officers fire into pickup truck

2nd truck shot by officers.

Al Cowlings in a Ford. Not AC Ford.

Michelob and Löwenbräu are both now Anheuser-Busch.


Tom T. Hall – I like Beer

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