Compromise and tree spirits

Sorry about another delayed episode. But we’ll talk about goofy ideas from liberals, and discuss compromise.

Thanks again to Tom’s wife Debbie for the Black Butte Porter, from the Deschuetes Brewery. It was a nice beer, with a subtle coffee start and nice chocolate after taste.

And the Star Tribune big but balanced Dayton budget.

Star Tribune is worried with all the others about a newspaper tax. I say what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Poor Obama look at the problems he inherited by winning reelection.

When was the New Deal? Well there were a few New Deals, starting in 1933. How did it spawn welfare?

Well even though libs do worship trees, it isn’t because of good spirits in the wood. Knock on wood.

Brig. Gen. C.K. Hyde has confirmed that Air Force personnel evacuated 32 Americans from Libya to Ramstein AFB following the attack. Why are those survivors being not being subpoenaed?

Rand Raul states what should be done about Hillary

One of the smartest sheriffs I’ve heard about is the Milwaukee Sheriff, recommending people get gun self defense training.

GOCRA, the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance. And for some reason I couldn’t remember how to pronounce their name. I made my donation via a membership, and you should too.

Andrew Rothman permit to carry training. If your looking for Minnesota permit to carry training, I highly recommend this guy.

Chicago has 31 homicides by January 21st. Now those numbers are hard to find a definitive number, but seems like it must be in the ballpark.

Liberals can put together a gun ban bill in days. But can’t put together and pass a budget in 4 years.

The 5 recent worst mass murders in America are committed by liberals.

And one of the best descriptions of gun control and compromise, from The Lawdog Files

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